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Lake Worth AC Expert Lake Worth, FL 561-349-5129Summers in Lake Worth, FL can be warm and fun as far as you don't bring it indoors with you! It is enjoyable to spend a long day at the beach or soaking some rays by the pool but when you come home, the first thing you want is the cool comfort that your ACs give you to you. Can you really imagine coming back to a dank home that is reeling under the hot temperature that you were enjoying just a couple of hours before? Your air conditioner may be acting up, not cooling enough or may breakdown completely. No matter what the scenario is, these are all unpleasant situations that call for immediate attention!

Lake Worth AC Expert is a leading provider of AC service to commercial and residential clients of Lake Worth, FL. We do everything from installation to repair, installation and even provide buying assistance. If you are looking for a reliable service partner, call us at 561-349-5129.


Locally-owned and operated:

We have been in the business for now more than two decades and take pride in the setup that we nurtured into a big business name in the local community. We are 100% owned and operated by a local and provide A-class services to our clients 24/7.

Same-day service:

Unlike other air conditioner companies, we don't make you wait for eternity when you call us for help. We have a 30-minute window in which we guarantee you assistance. When you call us, we dispatch our team immediately to your location and takeover the situation.

Trained and professional technicians:

We understand complex ACs like the back of our hands. We have mastered the art of installations and other services. All our technicians are experienced and trained rigorously to fix all the problems they are faced with.

Domain-specific service divisions:

We have two divisions that cater to residential and commercial customers separately. We understand that the HVAC units require a different kind of attention as compared to window ACs. Our specialists have specific training in their niche and are trained to offer one-stop-solution in Lake Worth, FL area.

24-hour assistance provided:

If only your machines could care about business hours or weekdays! They can breakdown or malfunction at anytime. This is why we provide you with a 24/7 support so that you are never more than a phone call away from expert help!

Priced right:

All our services come with quality guarantee at an affordable price. Our objective is to provide services that can cater to businesses and homeowners of all shapes and sizes. We are honest towards our work and passionate about our job this is why we have sustained the competition for 20+ years! 


‘I truly appreciate how fast Lake Worth AC Expert is in delivering their services. I called them just before midnight when my AC started making strange sounds and they were outside my door in under 20-minutes. The technicians were very well informed and helpful in answering my questions. They helped with some common tips to maintain my AC too! Thank you so much for quick service that night.’ Taylor M

‘I wasn’t sure which AC we should install in my daughter’s bedroom. We called Lake Worth AC Expert and asked them for their suggestions. They not only did a free survey of our house but also helped us throughout to buy the AC and install it too. Such great standards! I recommend you 100%.’ Tilly S

When our customers leave us joyous remarks, we consider ourselves redeemed! We worked very hard to build a brand name based on trust. Our ultimate prize is your satisfaction. So don't look any further than this if you need an AC expert in Lake Worth, FL area. Call us at 561-349-5129!

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